Embracing Change: The Bright Future of America

Michael Goldenberg |

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing a meal with a representative of the younger generation in America, a close friend with whom I wanted to discuss the crossroads that lay ahead for them. Like many young Americans, my friend was uncertain about their future path as they neared the end of their college journey. As we delved into their aspirations and beliefs, I discovered that the future of America is bright. The younger generation, just like their predecessors, deeply cares about equality, human rights, the environment, and achieving success. However, this new generation, while advocating for social change and sharing, also embraces their inherently capitalist nature, thus contributing to the unique blend of ideologies that define the United States.


The Balance of Capitalism and Social Aspects:

The notion that America is solely a capitalist nation is a misconception. Throughout its history, the country has always had social aspects woven into its fabric. Labor unions, minimum wage laws, numerous government programs at the federal and state levels, and a vast network of non-profit organizations all demonstrate this commitment to social welfare and progress. The younger generation acknowledges and appreciates these elements that contribute to a more balanced society.


The American Spirit of Progress and Giving Back:

What has truly made America great is the combination of these factors with the American spirit of consumption, hard work, and entrepreneurship. Americans value quality, strive to own the best, and are driven to create even better products and services. This relentless pursuit of excellence is intertwined with a desire to give back to the community once success is achieved. The new generation wholeheartedly embraces this spirit, actively participating in shaping the future of America.


Idealism Meets Pragmatism:

Many young Americans, including my friend, advocate for higher taxes, free college education, and more affordable housing. These ideals are rooted in a genuine desire to create a fairer society. However, when it comes to their actions and choices, they often gravitate towards aspects of consumerism that challenge their stated beliefs. For instance, they may dream of a simple life in a small house by a river, but their purchasing decisions lean towards buying expensive jeans that align with current equality beliefs. Similarly, they may demand social programs, and additional state and government education, but opt to enroll in private universities and contribute to their tuition fees.


To conclude, I strongly believe that the future of America looks promising, driven by the passion and idealism of the younger generation. Their dedication to human rights, equality, and the environment, combined with an appreciation for America's unique blend of capitalism and social aspects, will continue to shape the nation positively. As they strive for progress and success, this generation will undoubtedly carry on the tradition of giving back to the community, thereby strengthening the essence of what makes America truly exceptional. Embracing change and working towards a brighter future, the young Americans are the torchbearers of hope and progress for a nation that has always been built on dreams and the pursuit of a better tomorrow.